Carabiner overview

It is a common opinion that the "one fits all" model applies to carabiners. On closer inspection, however, a clear picture quickly emerges in which every application in the professional sector requires suitable tools. It is not only necessary to solve the task in the best possible way with the "on-board tools" - professional application does not allow any room for possible mistakes! Therefore, each component in the system has its own specific application and has to fulfill it in the best possible way and without compromise. In addition to simple handling and a clear overview, there are further basic conditions such as compatibility, functionality and safety reserves.

If the shape of the karabiner is bent, the areas where the joint and the catch are added are CNC milled and thus prepared in the best possible way. The CNC milling at the point is the prerequisite for the smallest possible deviations and maximum dimensional accuracy in the production, which a conventional forging could not achieve. This results in the soft handling as well as the offset in the opening of the catch and thus a larger opening of the karabiner.


The large opening in the lock of the carabiner results from the slight lateral offset of the catch. Thus a larger opening can be created and better handling can be achieved. This slight lateral offset ergonomically follows the movement of the right hand between thumb and palm. We have also made the wall thickness of the liner thicker: this allows us to achieve up to 4 times greater breaking loads with forces acting on the liner from the outside, for example, than with any transverse loads caused by tilting at anchor points or similar. Frame and locking sleeve are matched to each other in such a way that the smallest possible gap dimensions are achieved: against the penetration of dirt and dust and for the best possible durability.



C3 O rockO (OVAL)

Due to its design, the Pirate, our HMS, is the karabiner with the largest range of application. Due to its well-balanced size as well as material thickness and the associated versatility of use, it is one of our most sold karabiners.


The Rock D is the strongest carabiner due to its design. It brings the load as close as possible to the longitudinal axis of the frame and thus experiences the lowest possible bending moment.


The rockO is the most traditional karabiner due to its oval shape. Compared to the other models the
wider design at the bottom end and the slim material thickness of the rockO are of great advantage for special applications.




All surfaces of the AUTO-Lock karabiners have a smooth finish on the inside to prevent possible entanglement or jamming of ropes and slings and to minimize the risk of transverse loading accordingly. The rock exotica AUTO-LOCK is opened by pulling down and turning the locking sleeve. The downward movement is more intuitive than the traditional push-up lock. The frame and locking sleeve have been designed to achieve the smallest possible gap dimensions: to prevent the penetration of dirt and dust and to ensure the best possible durability.


The advantage of the ORCA closure on our karabiners can be clearly seen when the grip to the material is short and direct without detours. If you position the karabiner already at the harness in the 'pretensioned' way, it can be simply opened like a normal snap karabiner and hooked in the desired place self-closing without further twisting.
The ORCA is a three-way locking system and is available in the three common forms of our aluminium karabiners. The significant advantage of the ORCA is the possibility to position the access sleeve "pre-tensioned" and to release it by simply pulling the locking mechanism backwards. For example, the karabiner can be installed pre-tensioned at the anchor point, thus allowing the single-handed insertion of rope, pulley or loads. At the same time it guarantees the same safety as a classic Autolock.

With fine thread pitches we achieve a clean, smooth opening and closing of the screw sleeve, which, like the AUTOLOCK locking sleeves, has a breaking load of 6 KN. By anodizing the screw sleeve and all internal components, we prevent corrosion and abrasion in the long term. The smooth surface finish also results in soft and smooth handling.

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