AZTEK Pulley System

There are few items of equipment that are more versatile and have more applications than the AZTEK pulley system. Developed by Reed Thorne and his colleagues from Ropes That Rescue in 2000, it has become the "Swiss Army Knife" for rope access technicians and high altitude rescuers. Its original use as a self-belay device in fall endangered areas was quickly integrated into a wide range of applications, e.g. artificial anchor points, cable cars, lifting of persons and loads, stretcher suspension and much more.
Both pulleys have their colour-coded rope clamps made of 6 mm Prusik material, the length of which is precisely matched to the pulley size. This means they can be positioned quickly and safely, either on the load side or on the attachment point, exactly where they are needed.

Aztek Service
Replacement of rope and prusiks on the Aztek pulley system including manufacturer inspection.
Rope length 15m
Price on request
35,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax
1 to 8 (from a total of 8)